Securely share AI Models and AI Agents across the entire organization
A centralized repository for storing, managing, and sharing AI assets, ensuring that your team has access to the latest AI innovations.

AI Sharing and Collaboration

Empowering AI Collaboration and Security
Secure, company-wide AI model and agent sharing. Designed to foster collaboration while safeguarding your data, Orbit is the key to unlocking a cohesive AI strategy across your organization

Secure AI Sharing

Share AI models and agents securely within your company. Orbit's robust security protocols ensure your AI assets are protected at all times

Seamless Collaboration

Enhance team collaboration with shared access to AI tools. Orbit’s intuitive interface allows for easy sharing and management of AI resources among departments

Centralized AI Management

Manage all your AI assets from a single platform. Orbit provides a centralized hub for overseeing AI deployments, updates, and usage across the company.

Build AI With Data Privacy

Bivariant streamlines AI integration leading to increased productivity, unified AI strategies and a culture of innovation.

The Intelligence Platform for the Modern Entreprise

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