Build, train and deploy AI Models anywhere

Build, train and deploy AI Models anywhere

Bivariant Forge is an AI model deployment and management platform that lets you deploy large language models (LLMs) on your own infrastructure. It also enables you to fine-tune AI models to your specific needs and leverage different AI providers, including OpenAI, Microsoft Azure AI, Hugging Face, and Anthropic. With Bivariant Forge, you can apply a wide range of model capabilities, including chat, facial recognition, sentiment analysis, speech synthesis, summarization, text moderation, and translation.

Secure Enterprise Data Connection

Fine-tune and deploy AI models in your private cloud and data centers

Private AI Deployment


Diverse Model Capabilities

Leverage a Wide Range of AI Capabilities in a truly-private compute platform
Bivariant Forge goes beyond the ordinary, offering an extensive range of AI model capabilities to transform your business operations. From enhancing customer interactions to streamlining processes, discover the potential of AI


Engage your customers, employees, and partners with intelligent conversational AI agents that provide personalized support and streamline interactions.

Facial Recognition

Identify and analyze faces with precision, enabling applications for security, access control, and customer identification.

Sentiment Analysis

Extract the emotional tone and opinions from text data, gaining valuable insights into customer feedback, social media sentiment, and market trends.

Speech Synthesis

Generate natural-sounding speech from text, creating engaging audio experiences and enhancing accessibility.


Extract key information from lengthy text documents, providing condensed summaries for quick comprehension.


Translate between various languages, bridging communication gaps and expanding your reach globally.

Build AI With Data Privacy

Bivariant streamlines AI integration leading to increased productivity, unified AI strategies and a culture of innovation.

The Intelligence Platform for the Modern Entreprise

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